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Why OPA?

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Lower cost and accelerated cashflow

OPA is designed for airlines to receive real time payment where funds flow directly to the airline when a booking is made and tickets will only be issued after payment is confirmed.

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Designed specifically for the travel industry

OPA is integrated to multiple payment systems including all three principal GDS systems. OPA supports PNR information checking, customized checking points according to your business rules and needs, reporting and automatic ticket issuance.

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More than just a billing system

OPA also integrates with other settlement and inventory systems to allow payments not just for flight tickets but also for nonflight products generating further revenue opportunities.

System Capabilities Comparison

Retrieve PNR
Leisure and Corporate Ticketing
Group Bookings and FIT
Split Group Booking
Void Ticket
ACM / ADM Support
Reissue / Rebooking
Integrated to Airline specifics Refund link
Blocking Deposit Automation
Sales Reporting
Promotional Features
Group Booking Flown Ticket Agreements

3DS Authentication
Fraud and Risk Managegement (by Cyber Source)

Standard Credit Cards
Internet Debit
Deposit Top Up
Private Label Credit Cards
Internet Banking for Business (Credit Facility)
Frequent Flyer Program Payment
Other Customised Options

Lower transaction costs and bank fees than BSP
Agents do not pay anything to use OPA
Travel Agents do not require a bank guarantee or bond

Ticket Payment Due
14 Days

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