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Fare Management Platform

A fare management solution for airlines that allows you to create, distribute and monitor airfares quickly and accurately.

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Fare Management Platform (FMP) is an integrated fare management solution for airlines that allows you to create, distribute, and monitor airfares quickly and accurately. Providing attractive and best possible pricing for the right customers at the right times means maximising your airlines revenue potential.   

Our FMP solution facilitates efficient review stages and distribution of fares which enables shorter time-to-market. Its data feed can be customised from various subscription and manual inputs, equipping airlines with comprehensive insight about the market pricing in creating the fare pricing strategy and responding dynamically.

Providing the right fares is critical for any airline, but airlines are not all equal, thus the requirements for fare management are also unique for each airline. Flexibility in features development is important to cater to the airline’s specific business needs. With custom developed features such as automatic creation of work orders and targeted competition monitoring, FMP is trusted by national airlines.

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