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Changes to flight schedules, last-minute flight delays or cancellations are the biggest cause of inconvenience and dissatisfaction for air travelers.  Our service is designed to provide valuable support to travel agencies or airline customers by providing immediate assistance to their customers

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When a flight disruption, delay, cancellation or mass schedule change occurs, our team is tasked with informing the affected passengers through all channels as directed by our customer.  This may include email, outbound calls, app push notification, SMS or combinations of all of these.  

Our proactive and well-planned processes for dealing with these events, supported by our technology and people, ensures a cost effective and customer centric solution for our clients. 

Our talented team of travel industry veterans can also propose alternative flight schedules to customers who disagree with the airline’s pre-booked schedule change. Should a passenger request a refund or flight reroute our team will then make those ticketing or refund changes according to the relevant airline's rules and conditions.  

Our team pre-empts the domino effect of a flight change or disruption and delivers enhanced passenger satisfaction and experience by providing faster resolution to their booking and ticketing queries as a result of these changes. 

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