Electronic Ticket Manager

A simple and easy to use application that enables you to track down unused electronic tickets on behalf of your customer.

  • Whilst easy to use and requiring very little training, it is a powerful tool that will save travel consultants considerable time in checking and reporting to their customers on unused electronic tickets.
  • On a daily basis the system checks the Galileo database using the HMPR report data and downloads this data ready for you to use.
  • The application is web based and does not require access to Galileo GDS to interrogate the data or run the reports.


An online reporting system created by ATI for online loading of work orders and performance monitoring.

  • Functions as a communication tool for queries resolution, specific to each filing.
  • Provides accurate, real-time and timely Progress Reporting to track the status of each filing as well as daily, monthly filing statistics, and team productivity.
  • A secure channel to receive our customers' instructions and work orders.
  • Access to data and reports are secured with username and password. The system also supports HTTPS (SSL connection). All your data and reports are hosted in a highly secure data center, which offers redundancy and backup.


It is an integrated content management system that is built to allow better access to information, processes, and applications for people within ATI.