Fare loading

Our main business is still in fare loading/filing services. We understand that both speed-to-market and accuracy are critical components in Fare management for revenue generation.

True to our commitment on accuracy, we provide a guarantee on the quality and accuracy of the work we perform. If an ADM is received due to a fare loading error on our part, we will cover the cost of those ADMs in full.

Our fare filing team possesses an in-depth understanding of airline rules and regulations varying from simple to complex fare sheets with one or more multiple restrictions. With a successful track record and credentials, of which any of our existing global customers would validate, ATI has successfully implemented and managed various fare filing processes along with addressing the various challenges that arise due to complexity of fares.

We serve TMC’s, Retail and Leisure, Full Service Carriers, Low Cost Carriers, Wholesalers, Online Travel Agencies and Corporates directly.

ATI is also providing fare filing services to ATPCO system and the three leading Global Distribution Systems—Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport—to support their needs in Asia Pacific and globally using their respective fare filing tools of FareXpert, Sabre MyFares and Agency Private Fares.

Our close partnerships with Travelport, Sabre and Amadeus allows improved turnaround time and GDS system resolutions; including 99.9% on-time delivery with high accuracy for promotional fares.

We load over a hundred thousand fare sheets every year and have over 300 people on our team completing the Fare Filing Services.

  • Filing of net and negotiated fares in ATPCO, Galileo, Sabre and Amadeus systems.
  • Negotiated fare maintenance.
  • Interpretation and loading of fares according to rules, routing, policies, add-ons, interlines, baggage allowance, ancillaries etc.
  • Data maintenance and rules coding.

By outsourcing your filing of fares to ATI, you are able to focus better on managing rapid growth while reducing your company’s overhead costs down and streamline your processes. Our team can file fares in a timely fashion, enabling you to gain control and improve reactivity to your private fares, in a sensitive price environment.

Fare Filling Module

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